I have played the piano since I was in grade school, and in middle age decided I wanted to try the harp. It's humbling as an adult to start a new instrument! Wilma puts me at ease, and I'm so happy learning proper technique from her and the fundamentals. She's a wonderful teacher. I'm also grateful to her for making the Merlin harp available, first as a rental, and then by facilitating the purchase process. Libah Grossman

Wilma is wonderful! Very professional, keen and alert to the needs of her students. It has been a pleasure to study the harp with her guidance. Fred Weems

With my busy work schedule and living in a small community outside of KC, I never thought I'd ever have the time to learn to read music, much less take harp lessons, but Ms. Liles has made this possible. She and I have been "meeting" via Skype every week for my 1/2 hour lessons for more than 2 years. To my amazement, I actually played a harp arrangement of Debussy's "Claire de Lune" for my daughter and her fiancé after Christmas dinner this last year. Wilma is extremely patient and understands the demands of the working adult. She encourages me and helps me work through the difficulties of learning to play harp on a limited time schedule. I know that I would not have "hung in there" this long if she was not who she is, focused and patient, bringing out the best in my learning to play harp. Sylvia Arvizu

I really enjoyed being a student of Wilma Liles. She is a very patient person and will work with you at your pace. She tailored her lessons to the type of music that I was interested in, and passed along her love of harps to me. I'm very lucky to have found Wilma as my teacher. Sheri Blauwiekel

Wilma is a knowledgeable and patient instructor who is understanding of those of us who have other responsibilities in our life. She offers encouragement and suggestions to resolve any hurdles that we may have either physically (e.g. arthritis) or emotionally (e.g. dealing with stage fright). She continues to add her personal achievements to her resume without doting and she is willing to share her home with her students. She has a joyful spirit and she is a true friend to her students. Christine Kramer

Wilma is a wonderful teacher. She loves the harp, as is evidenced by her own skill and her determination to "do it right." She has a masterful knowledge of this instrument, and a hunger to pass that knowledge on to her students. I feel blessed to have found her as my harp instructor. Karen Wuenstel

Wilma Liles is a wonderful teacher. She is great with young children. My daughter has taken harp lessons from her for four years and has progressed wonderfully. I know it will be a lifelong interest for her. I highly recommend Mrs. Liles. Stephanie Adams

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Wilma Kelly Liles Harp Studio
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