Harp Lessons in Lenexa, Kansas

Lesson Times
Lessons are generally 1/2 hour in length, weekly. Some intermediate students are taking 45 minute lessons as they are working on more repertoire which requires extra time to cover all the music. I teach at my home in Lenexa on Mondays and Tuesdays or online.
Lesson times open for Monday and Tuesday, either here in Lenexa, or online.

Lesson Material
I tailor lesson material to the individual student, starting with basic harp technique, music theory, and beginning repertoire. After that is learned, I have two approaches, one for children, one for adults. For adults,I can take you in whatever direction you want to go whether it be Celtic music, wedding/church preparation, classical repertoire, and/or developing your own arrangements. For children, I continue to introduce them to all types of harp music, with an emphasis on technique building, repertoire and an understanding of all types of music. I teach beginning, intermediate and advanced lever harp.

Student Readiness
Children who have taken a year of piano or who can read music will have an advantage in starting the harp, but it isn't necessary to know how to read music to begin harp lessons. I have taught many students both young and old, to read music. Age is also not a factor. I have students ranging in age from 7 to 60. No matter your age, if you want to learn, I can teach you.

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Lesson Enhancement
Occasionally I have a harp ensemble class. Students who are advanced beginners up to advanced players may participate.

NEW! Online lessons via Skype!
I'm excited about this great new way to start learning the harp. If you are out of the metro KC area but in my harp rental area - Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Missouri or Oklahoma, then consider this!
If you are too far away to come for lessons in person, you can still take lessons from me via Skype. Rent a harp from me, get a webcam (the cost is about $25 or so), download the free Skype software, and you can have a one-on-one lesson with me every week. I can see/ talk to you and your harp, and you can see/talk to me and my harp in real time. Contact me for further details, harp rental and lesson payment arrangements, and more information.

Rent a Harp to Start Lessons
I have harps for rent to beginning students. These are 35 string Merlin harps, with levers on F's, C's and B's. Each harp comes with a padded case and tuning key. Rental harps are available for a six month time period, which can be extended if necessary. A $100 deposit is required which is refunded at the end of the rental period if the harp is returned in good condition. The monthly rental fee is $60.

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